Power Rangers Tribute

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Over twenty years of the greatest fighting in the world which begun 1993 in the USA when I was eight years old & it came from Japan and I made a home made home brew parody Rangers film in 1996 with family and friends. May the power be with you, like Star Wars, may the force be with you in Jesus Name, Amen. They will split your brain up with Alpha dance moves. We are mean, green, fighting machines in the name of Michael Jackson.

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Super Sentai started in the 70s in Japan. I saw old figures worth thousands in Japan.


I remember when power rangers first aired i was mad it took the spot of my favorite show at the time so for that reason i never really watched it but they had much success in their peak.

Which spot did it take?

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WCW wrestling it took that saturday morning time slot i remember waiting on WCW and then Power Rangers came on i thought it was a commerical but yeah Power Rangers ruined my morning that day and any saturday after that until i got over it i was sick.

I saw WCW and WWF / WWE and I love Hulk Hogan and even when he was in the NWO. I like the Rock too. I also watched American Gladiator. As kids, we stood on stools with pillows to play the fighting game. Stay on the chair. Stand on the stand or fall and lose.

Lol, we use to do something like that as well we called it King Of The Mountain

Is that like King of the Hill?



This was one of the best shows ever. Power Rangers Space was the best saga by far.

Especially when the girl turned the turtles evil and they hopped on the ship. Later, they were surfing in space without air. I love the three turtle films, especially the secret of the ooze.