Why PoW/Masternode system is the most secure.

in pow •  2 years ago

So I've been playing with cryptos since around 2014...the first Bitcoin "spike", and masternode coins since 2015. I remember then, the Proof of Stake coins were the hot commodities.

"No more wasting energy!" "You get coins just by leaving your wallet open!" "Saves us from 51% and ASIC attacks!" were the most attracting qualities. True, ASIC's...these cheap manufactured hardware with one in major instruction...to hash what ever algorithm it is pre-programmed to do. It was an arms race between hardware and software people.

Then 2016 came and went....the low point of most alt coins.

2017, and here we are. This interview with cyber security expert John McCafee was an eye opener for me. Basically, any device that is connected to the internet and a power source is pretty much out of your control.

There fore after an enlightening stream one night, I have come to the conclusion why Chaincoin(CHC) is one of the most secure, safest, coins out there.

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