Day 8: How to approach potential?

in potential •  2 years ago 


So, through my process of self-transformation, self-forgiveness, I’ve been not only able to discover my untapped potential, but also be aware of its existence. You might think or say that I would have had to be aware of untapped potential if I was to discover it, but not for a long time. Like, I would walk through points, apply self-forgiveness, breathe, do my utmost, and results/change would occur, but I did not for a long time know of the power of self-forgiveness and application to bring through practical and actual results/change.

Anyway, for a while now I’ve seen a lot of potential in myself, potential to be more confident, more calm, more reassured, more stable, more visible in what I do, more practical, lol, - in summary, just a better version of me as a human.

And I’ve had ups and downs in response to this knowing of untapped potential, where it is on one hand awesome that I know I can be more and so that is incentive to keep pushing and reach that potential, and the other hand where I’ve been pissed off with myself for failing to reach that potential, or pissed off when I keep failing to meet that potential.

It’s interesting when I know something IS in me, but I can’t get there. Lol. It’s funny, because, it’s not like I have to go off to some far away land and then dig underground for miles to find this potential, as if it were a hidden treasure or money for a fortune in which I can lead a ‘happier’ life, this potential is in fact in me, and of course in all of us. And this is a big factor in the frustration, because it is here. Because I am it, I am potential, yet I fail countless times.

So I’ve been working on seeing this potential as something to strive towards. And NOT see it as me being a failure in my pursuit of this potential, like, “I’m not THERE yet, so, I am a failure, without question.” haha, bit harsh, right? :P

I commit myself to use my untapped potential as a goal and path to strive towards, an incentive to apply myself.

I commit myself to enjoy myself as I exist now, though always knowing that there is a potential for me to reach and get to, and apply, but my existence now does not therefore mean it is futile, pointless, a waste of time, or a waste of me.

I commit myself to use my potential as the conclusion that there is more that I can be, a better me, a more effective me, and I see, realise and understand that this is much better and more effective, AND self-honest, instead of seeing that I have no potential as a giving up, or seeing I have no potential because I am already ‘there’ or the best I can be.

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