Reputation of @surpassinggoogle

in post •  7 months ago

My dear friends. i have come to understand that reputation is not bought but achieved. I am a minnow in steemit. But I have taken the time to observe how steemians pay tribute to surpassinggoogle. It shows that he has done enough to achieve his reputation here in steemit. He doesn't buy it because no amount of money can buy love. I see people pouring out their sincere love and respect to him and I have goose bumps and even feel like shedding tears. He is a great man here. people look up to him for a better way forward in life and this a blessing on it's own. He not only a person but an emblem of hope here in steemit. I really do appreciate this. 

God Bless you surpassinggoogle. Just continue to be who you are.

you are the sun in steemit that many people look up to.
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