Positive Vibes Daily Challenge: Update As At 8 January 2018

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I have started the Positive Vibes Daily Challenge at the beginning of this year. I am very encouraged by the response to this challenge. Many have taken up the call to spread positivity and together we can inspire and motivate more people. I like to share here some of the excellent articles have been submitted under this challenge.

23 Reasons To Tell Mother Thank You by @udayakumarage
Mums all over the world have done so much for us. This is @udayakumarage's way of thanking his mother. His tribute to his mother is admirable and heartwarming.

Positive Challenge - Adventure Thursday by @jagged
An adventure need not be something fanciful, sometimes something simple can become an adventure. @jagged took his daughter to McDonald before sunrise and it became an adventure for both of them. He is spending quality time with his daughter and the time spent together became an adventure.

Positive Vibes Daily Challenge Fun Wednesday: Hanging Around Upside Down by @plantstoplanks
You can make your routine work out fun by hanging outside down. Check out this fun post by @plantstoplanks

Positive Vibes Daily Challenge: Love Saturday: Loving Yourself
This short and sweet article by @gearup explained by it is important for us to love ourselves. We cannot truly love others unless we love ourselves first.

Positive Vibes Daily Challenge Hope Friday: My Hopes For My Autistic Son Jonathan by @positivesteem
@positivesteem shared his experiences when discovered that his son Jonathan had late onset of autism. With much honesty, he shared the mistakes that he made so that other parents can avoid similar mistakes.

Do keep these posts coming. Together we can do much more to inspire others by spreading positvity. As a reminder, these are the daily themes:

Gratitude Sunday

Anything on things we are grateful for and blessings we have received.

Milestone Monday

Anything on your milestones, success, achievements and accomplishments.

Kindness Tuesday

Anything on acts of kindness, pay it forward, charity and volunteering.

Fun Wednesday

Anything fun, humorous and jokes.

Adventure Thursday

Anything on adventures and discoveries.

Hope Friday

Anything on hope, courage and overcoming challenges and obstacles.

Love Saturday

Anything on love and what you love doing.

For more details about the positive vibes daily challenge, please visit this page.

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Awesome initiative! I would like to take part in this challenge. :)


This challenge is still new and I welcome everyone to take part. Together we can do much more to help others who maybe struggling right now.


Please take a look at my sister's account (@starangel), her post "Spirituality 101" is a great read, for those who are into spirituality.


Though you have commented, I noticed that you did not vote for this post.


I did vote on it but perhaps it could't get upvoted due to network issue here. I upvoted it now.


Thank you. I hope that you don't mind me pointing this out to you. I look forward to your participation in this challenge.

Wow, people share their beautiful memories with us. I like to read all stories.@positivesteem you are doing very amazing work.Spreading peace and love in society.


I am so happy with the response although the challenge is still new. It is a wonderful collection and it goes to show that we can experience positive moments on a daily basis with the right mind set.

Thanks so much for sharing my contribution and for keeping the positive spark blazing @positivesteem! It is a wonderful thing you have going, and the response will only get better. I love that even just looking at your daily topics makes me want to do even better at putting joy out in the world. Even if I don't participate every day, I will still try to embody the positive vibe of the day. :)


Thank you as well for supporting this challenge. It is wonderful that I am able to compile a good collection of positive vibes.Together we can spread more positivity.

WOW, look at this calendar of goodies <3
Thank you for sharing the positive vibes of other Steemians. What a great way to start my day in the office. :)


Thank you for your kind comments. This exactly what I want to do, to share positive vibes but as a group. Hope that you will take part.

Sometime gratitiude will made you happy of the day, when you wake up in the morning, pls tell yourself, thanks you by having everything I got, family, friends.


In fact we have a lot to be happy about . The fact we are alive is something to be grateful for.

Your all previous days posts are worth sharing and worth reading. I would love to read your all blog posts for getting some motivations. Its overall outclassed. I'll try to take a part in this challenge from then on... going to follow you for getting inspiration. :)


I am lucky to get enough participation to make this post. Hopefully this collection of posts will help others who are right now having a tough time and need just a gentle push to steer them in the right way.

You are doing excellent job. Your efforts would drag out many from bewilderness. You are a ray of hope for many. Thanks


Thank you for your support. That is my intention so that those who are struggling can find something positive to sustain them. I hope that you too can take part and help us put more smiles. Do consider resteeming this post so that more people will know about this new challenge. Cheers.


Thank you for your love and positivism for everyone:)

Finally, I met with a motivational blogger. I eagerly want to meet one of the motivational speaker or blogger who motivate us in a right way. Your all posts, especially this one is the great source of motivation. We need LEGENDS like YOU!!

Thanks a bunch for motivational blog.!! Following you for more updates in the future so that I won't miss out any of your posts. :)


Thanks for dropping by and for following me. Your encouragement will certainly motivate me to continue to spread positivity. Do take part in this fun challenge, your positive posts will surely inspire others as well. I look forward to your participation.


For Sure! I would love to participate in this challenge. :)


Looking forward to reading you post

Wow! Thanks for the wonderful post. It’s really nice to see posts like yours even if there are alot of mishaps and bad happenings in this world.


There is a sliver lining in every cloud. I hope to see the positive things in the events that happen and I like to share that mind set with more people, so that they too will be able to see the good in the events around them.

Great idea! This community really is full of wonderful people! :) I hope to participate in the near future.


That has been my experience here as well, Steemit is full of wonderful and supportive people. When these people come together, we can do so many things together and put help those who are facing tough times.

Single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing indeed. Thank @positivesteem for your motivation. Following you


Thanks for your words of support. Do take part in this challenge as well. It is fun and uplifting.


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