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So they called stupid, I call it being brave, fighting for what you believe in.

I march on like a wounded soldier trusting,believing and holding on to the the thought "its not over till its really over"

what a difficult situation when your heart is feeling and your heading is thinking different

Imaginations can be a dear friend and also can be your worst night mare.

sometimes i wonder how do i power through daily on this walk, why is it so hard? Lets talk:

Life they say is full of sharp turns, straight roads, highways, t-junctions and even round abouts.

Wisdom and understanding, coupled with strength + will is required to navigate through the paths.

I have to come to understand with experience that pain is a crucial part of life.

We all experience pain in different ways, you can either let it make you stronger or you loose yourself.

See the most important thing is to learn from mistakes and become wiser but unfortunately most of

the unsolicited situations that happen in our lives leave us with scars which turns most souls


I refuse to see the world for what it is but for what it can become.

sometimes it can be toturing holding on, believing and hoping for a change which through the eyes

of many is a dead end.

To win is to loose as to loose is to win