My Destiny

in positive •  2 months ago 

My Destiny album is a well thought 💭 of out of the box’s for today’s Christian rap all so called Hard-core Christian rap was Birth out of a place of pain as a whole but this is very good Surfaces talk but with songs like take me Higher lord as very cutting words and deep word play please check out my new album and give Honest and constructive criticism and in love because it took me a long time to put this together a lot of hard work to see this through thank you download it now for free F2F4AD9E-EC48-4754-B3A8-8CF1EBB1DF62.jpeg399852BA-70CE-4AC7-849B-D4749066AEA3.jpeg

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Hello sodivinegodswill may your journey in the music business bring you success as a artist welcome to the Steemit Community a place sharing is encouraged your a Steemian now so feel free to explore post and enjoy your new Steemit account sodivinegodswill nice of you to take time out of your busy schedule just to join us with your creativity waiting to see more of your awesome creativity sodivinegodswill thanks welcome enjoy


Thank you much appreciate 😊