Leave Your comfort zone to achieve your success

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We think that our enemy may be our director, our neighbor, or our cousin but this people its just methods which your real enemy used to prevent you from success. Your real enemy is the sound that wispier in your mineto tell you that you are a weak, tired, feel jealous and give you high ego and prevent you form forgiving other this your real enemy its the negative vibration pass through your mind to give you negative emotion, to be success you should fight and resist you negative emotion, with every step you fight your negative emotion you walk a step toward a success and peace.


Leaveing our comfort zone that prevent us from success as sitting on tv or face book or coffee shop these things will not lead you to success, I know that idea of making new business or learning some thing new is horrible for you but all successful people challenge their fear and their laziness and their bad habits to walk behind their dreams.


Don't let the devil inside you defeat you, you are stronger you are the creator of your destiny walk behind your dreams do not surrender to your situation.

Today I'm sick and I would surrender to fatigue but my friends on steemit encourage me to write an articles I'm Grateful because they are in my life and I'm grateful because I can share my words with you.



i am always beleive that you are the best


thank you friend

Nice line😊😊

very nice dear

great kindly follow me back also thanks

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