Magic Rainbow

in positive •  2 years ago 

Was having a super rough day at work. I ended up feeling so bummed and just kind of blah! I just headed home pretty E18EE44D-1109-479C-B543-8CF1A8F2F4E1.jpeg835691E4-CD2D-415A-9851-4EB78BFFA9C5.jpeg2B7D3576-ADA4-4CDF-839D-E178BB17BB48.jpegDCA22959-A873-4B59-9517-316DD5C3AE08.jpeg89B95707-1AAD-4574-93DB-6A4EA8C23136.jpeg1F4CEF9C-41F7-4F0E-86BD-A4C1361048EC.jpegE8F0AFD8-3C6D-4F30-B2F9-596EA16D6878.jpeg0DFFED86-DE48-45B6-A0BA-5EE0497D7DBC.jpegblank minded when I started to see a bunch of cars pulled off to the side of the road. Still just feeling grumpy and Agitated that alll these cars were making me get home just a little bit slower...then in the blink of an eye I look up and see this most amazing incredibly beautiful double rainbow. Such deep colors and lines. I had never in my life been able to catch a glimpse of a rainbow that looked and felt so thick and real! It lifted every piece of dread that I had on my shoulders and just filled me with peace and appreciation of this worlds natural beauty. I had to share these pictures with you so u could all get a piece of the magic. The pictures don’t do it justice but just use your imagination. Moral of my story is “don’t waste a moment focusing on negative feeling that make u hold your head down because you could actual be missing many amazing things that are just there waiting to be seen, heard or felt!

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Wow! A double rainbow! What remarkable timing too, very sweet.

Very cool.