Things helped me to be a positive person, which can help you too.

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Out of all things we need to start this year, I believe the most important one is to build positive thinking and change ourselves to be more positive from inside. Since many people, like me, are confronted with many challenges that may result in negative emotions and feelings, the purpose to learn how to be a positive person is requisite. The most difficult yet important task is to be a positive person despite hard times.

Adopt New Good Habits

My previous year’s resolution is to listen at least one TED talk per day. These are talks which allow us to learn many things happening around the world. If you are not aware of the show, you can google and start watching. Until I knew the concept of this talks, I was unaware of many things occurring. With the help of this talks I learned about, food, war, poverty, and many more. Surprisingly I get to know how to be more positive while watching these videos. There are tons of videos that motive us and tell the reality about life and future. I have changed a lot watching them. I recommend you to watch them every day by downloading the app.

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Get rid of your past

The key to getting rid of past is to forgive people who hurt you in the past. If you keep the situation that happened to you in your brain, and if you cannot really forget the situation, you have to forgive the person who did this to you. Because you have been hurt by someone at some point of time and the time is over, still if you are keeping that in mind doesn’t make any sense right. I know forgiving a person who hurt you is not an easy task but you will surely appreciate yourself for doing this to yourself. Moreover, don’t wait until you feel you are ready to forgive that person, you will never going to get that time, so forgive the person right away and enjoy the positive feeling from that.

Love yourself

Don’t be hard on yourself. If you wake up in the morning thinking what wrong things you did in the past such as spending a lot of money for really unnecessary things and choosing a wrong career option, make your life even harder. I was in the same situation during my post-graduation. I accepted some other university rather than my dream university, and I felt miserable during the whole course. Later I managed to forgive myself and go on. My life became beautiful after this.

Do something good to others

Deliberately doing good things to others makes you feel happy from inside. You need not have to spend a lot of money and time for this. I believe, even a single word in terms of appreciation is more powerful than any jewels. Appreciate a truly hardworking person. Offer some food to the homeless. Give some time to your loved ones. Do something good in terms of anything per day, and you will see the major difference in you. You will become more positive and happy eventually.


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well done a beautifull sayings i like that advices thats a great acknoledgement

Thank you for. This part with positivism don't work with me. I will try what you recommend but the part with "love yourself" is hard to me.

Another way for your body to “trick” your mind into being more positive is through smiling. The simple act of smiling, even if you don’t necessarily have anything to smile about, can instantly change the way you feel internally.

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Good post to read at the start of the year. Always good to stay positive. if you put out good energy you get it back and often just when you need it !

think positive, be positive, be happy @dcrypto

Great and clear message. Thank you :)

What a great post. I to believe in saying hello or how are you to everyone you pass is a great way to help them and you feel better. You never know what is happening in someone else's life. You could make their day just by those few words. <3

To the point very well written and easy to understand, thanks for sharing with us!

Always think positive 👍

Why you are thinking positive thoughts, quit complaining it doesn't make things better. I personally feel fulfilled each time I help people who are really in need.

Interesting blog!Very good advises! :)

Thank you for your post! One of the biggest reasons i joi ed steemit is the positivity in this community. You guys ROCK!

Great advise for positive thinking.