Showcasing steem memes superiority 💪

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Hello world! You know I always have good news, great contents and recently, I stumbled on a meme contest by @theycallmedan. This is the first time I'm trying a meme, I thought it was a stressful thing to do but viola! I just needed some touch of creativity, then the memes will glow in.

STEEM is the best blockchain to date for powering Web 3+ applications.

As you all know, steem is the fastest network to transfer those tokens of yours by yours surely powered blockchain.

Memes are pictorial representations of innovations, creativity and to some extent, meme helps to relieve stress and even make things/events funnier than they normally should.

An example is the WW3 memes on Twitter, you'd literally think there's not going to be a war or there was none existing but memes really did some great job on the internet.

I will be sharing some I've created within a short period here on steem and also on Twitter.

1. Steem is everywhere you go

Meme Creator_1580997087636.jpg

2. That friend that wants $

Meme Creator_1580996823600.jpg

3. Thinking of the perfect for your partner

Meme Creator_1580996901612.jpg

Very funny steem makes people happy when it lands in their crypto wallet, you can send me some tho 😉

4. Why haven't you joined yet?

Meme Creator_1580996591485.jpg

5. Welcome to steem

Meme Creator_1580996739836.jpg

Wanna feel #posh? Right now is the perfect time to join the ever growing community.

Hope you enjoyed my memes 😊

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