How Steem Has Impacted My Life

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It’s nice to be back on this platform after a few months of my absence. While surfing the internet two days ago, I saw a pop up with the caption ‘how has steem impacted my life initiative’. I knew I could not skip that post and I had to find out time to put down something.
Fasten your seatbelt while I take you through my Steem Journey.

How I Joined

While surfing the internet on how to make extra income, kept popping up on some of the websites. I decided to give it a trial and signed up in December 2017. I published about three articles and earned less than 1 cent on all the three posts combined. That was a major turn off, I abandoned the platform and continued my quest to discover a platform that can give me a passive income.
One faithful day, I met a @utomobong who was my departmental colleague at the University. She told me how she was making extra income from She also showed me some proof and that was my turning point.

I went back with a lot of determination to make money from and I did make money from the platform.

The Journey

@utomobong had advised me to relaunch my steemit comeback with an introductory post. My introductory post was soon ready, but I had to buy 2 SBD to implement the strategy given to me by @kekegist. @enolife made getting the SBD much easier by gifting me 1 SBD, it’s a gift I won’t forget.
After putting everything in place, I made my introductory post, implemented the strategy and went to bed. I kept refreshing the page if I will see some extra dollars because the upvotes were rolling in. This was when I learned that the number of upvotes was almost insignificant, what I needed was the right weight of upvote.
While I was sleeping, @sean-king paid my post a visit and that was the beginning of my good days on Steemit. I went ahead to have a fruitful time on the platform all thanks to @sean-king, @adsactly, @utopian-io, @oracle-d now @yoodoo, @dimimp and other beautiful people that blessed me with their upvotes, comments, and resteem.

How Steemit Has Impacted my life

Being on has added more value to my life than I could ever imagine.
Below are some of the benefits that I’ve derived:

Knowledge: Being part of content creators for the likes of @oracle-d and @utopian-io has given me the opportunity to learn more about the crypto space. Creating good content for these projects requires in-depth research on the project. @honeybee has also helped do better in my writings. Due to my Crypto blogging here on steemit, I had to open a personal blog and the blog is now worth over 20k dollars according to the worth of web.

Lifestyle: Writing about open source projects while on Utopian has really shaped my lifestyle. During the research, I discovered a lot of useful applications that helped shaped the way I lived my life. My finance is now being managed better through a good open-source finance application that I got. There are a lot of good open-source applications and I suggest you also get some for your personal use. Feel free to check my blog for some of these applications.

Business: I always dreamed of having a physical business but I never got the required capital to start. That dream became a reality when I cashed out my first earning on the steem platform. I was able to commence my mini importation business, I’m always grateful to and everyone who made it possible.

Humanitarian service: One of the best moments of my life was helping kids believe in their football dreams. All thanks to Andre Gray football Academy (@agfacademy), I was able to put smiles on the faces of lots of kids. Not just the kids, but I was able to invite a lot of guys into the academy. It was a thing of joy to see these people earn from soccer for the first time in their life.

There are other benefits that I would love to mention but the post is already getting long so I’ll just summarize by saying that Steem through has been a blessing and I hope it will continue to help other people achieve their dreams. Steem has a lot of useful communities and I will always recommend it over lots of other projects.

This post is also being published on my personal blog here.


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