Insane! Get 7200%+ Annual PoS rewards by Staking this Coin! (for only 2 more months)

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7200% Annual Staking Rewards is like Free Money

Seems a little too good to be true? It isn't... at least for the next two months!

Embercoin (EMB) has been offering 720% annual proof of stake rewards since it's creation back in October of 2016. 720% is the official amount but many close to the devs have said it is mistakenly or not 7200%. This little known coin has been able to stay a hidden secret for some time. It seems it was not until the chaincoin era that most crypt-enthusiasts cared about masternodes or staking. Now, more than ever, we are all insearch of that next coin that will make us filthy rich, or at least get us half-way there.... Embercoin may be able to do that, or at least help... but you only have 2 more months to take advantage of it.

Edit: apparently the current staking % is at 7200% but should be at 720% as the ANN thread states. This will be fixed Nov 1st. See Image below

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.32.45 AM.png

With a low fan fare, Ember was able to provide rewards of over 10-20% per day because the weight of the total staked coins was only around 25% of the actual supply. I was one of the lucky ones to have this coin brought to my attention about a month ago. I was able to double my initial investment in under a week and hit 5x in just a few weeks.

The cat is out of the bag now and many now know about Ember. There is a dedicated community that has sprung up behind it, including 2-3 developers, and in trying to save Ember from just being a used and abused shit coin they are going to alter the staking % after November 1st. While I was unable to get a ballpark figure from them in their discord chat, I believe it will be significant. They want to eventually roll in masternodes which I assume will take place of the major staking.

How to get in on this for the next two months

  1. Buy Ember
    You can buy it on cryptopia here:
    I would suggest buying at least 5 million to get a decent size staking weight. Under 1 million coins usually struggles.
  2. Download the windows wallet
    You can download the wallet on their site here:
  3. Fix the wallet
    The wallet does not connect to the network for some reason but it is a known issue and is being fixed. The new wallet release is set for 9/15. Until then, you must go to their discord chat and the step-by-step directions to fix are provided. They are extremely easy to follow:
  4. Send Coins to wallet
  5. Coins need to stake for 10 hours before maturing
  6. Enjoy major profits

Here is a sample of what some of my rewards look like on 16 million initial coins:

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.03.03 PM.png

YouTuber Trevon, just tonight, uploaded a video discussing Embercoin:

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The discord link seems to be broken! :(

Discord Channel Link -

I just updated it. Thank you. The URL that I am using is for the fix-wallet-here room and not the general room so that ppl can easily see the directions.

Great article, so glad i got in on this, the new dev team is going hard on this project. Going to be some quality gains to be made

It doesn't instill a lot of confidence with a broken wallet. How long has it been like that?

What is the current price?

Not sure. It's the peers file that holds the IPs to the nodes. Usually in a wallet you need to do this yourself anyway by creating a .conf file. So it's just the settings that need updating not the core wallet itself.

Current price on cryptopia is 10-11 sats.

There are 2 (might be 3) developers who picked up the project from the previous developer who abandoned the project about 3-4 months ago.

Cool! Thanks so much!

Hopefully it will be all fixed soon. New blood is always good!

Is this even real?

Most of them seem to be scams to me. Ponzi schemes actually.

I guess the theory sounds plausible.

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If you are staking this coin you should do it through a pool. Receiving stakes by staking through your wallet takes way to long, with the pool you get multiple a day. Because of this the total amount you will receive in a year is around 5 times as much. You also don't have to leave your computer running continuously. You can find more information about the POS staking pool here: