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Early Saturday morning, I had woken up, could not sleep. It has been a very long week where I had worked pretty much 16 hour days all week, then we attended a festival on Friday night.

Even as tired as I was I could not sleep. So I got up, made myself a cup of coffee and decided to go set outside on our terrace and take in the view.

I took the above photo with my phone, so had to point it away from the sun, because of this you are missing the part I was most taken with, the sun was filtering through the trees, it looked amazing!

Not too long ago I would have looked out of my window at a street, not ugly as it was in a village with many old buildings, I just am so thankful that I get to live in a house with so many trees around me.

Later that day I took my eldest son and went to go see the Caramulo motor festival at the Caramulo car museum and got to see many cars and bikes I have never seen before here in Portugal.

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