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in portugal •  last year  (edited)

We have been traveling quite a bit to find a place to live, not TOO far away from the school our kids will be going to in the next school year.

We have come across quite a few interesting houses and building, I regret not taking photo's now, bt I did manage a few snaps of this building.

We were in the area to view a different place and decided to take a walk around and get a feel for the area.

Now bear in mind we are shopping at the lower end of the price range, so a fixer upper is definitely on the cards! So far this is looking doable.

The exterior is quite rough and window frames need replacing. Added to that it would probably need a new front door, that one looks a bit draughty.

Further along, it looks like there would be enough space for us all, this could be one to look at, depending on how deep the building is. We have seen quite a few places that look large from the outside, but are quite narrow and incredibly tight on the inside.

Aaaaaaand it's gone...

So I guess we won't be taking a look at this one though.

We ended up not liking the other place that we were actually there to view either, it looked to me as though the one wall had shifted and then been patched, I did not get the feeling it would hold up well in the long term.

Hope you enjoyed!

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