Bearded Old Man in My Basil Leaves... Dumbledore, Santa Claus, Merlin, or Gandalf?


This specimen is from my long-since-eaten basil leaves from this past summer. I was actually taking pictures of the flower buds at the top of the leaves which I appreciated for their geometric form. But unexpectedly, when later on I viewed the pictures on my computer I realized that the leaves also look like an old man's face--the "geometric" buds appearing like a furrowed brow or fancy headdress of some sort.

I hope I'm not the only one to see it...


As always, all content is original and my own. I take all my pictures with my snazzy Cannon PowerShot SX410 IS. If you want to see more of it consider upvoting and following me.


Cool photo! A natural Fractal!

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