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I usually don't publish photos of people. Privacy is an important part of our lives. Some people are more sensitive than others. I wasn't even sure if I want to write this post.

But here it is.

For today's post, I choose a couple of interesting photos. I could say that these people are public personalities and they don't mind about publicity. They live off of it.

In Slovenia, country of my origin, we use to live in the socialistic regime thirty years ago and the government tried to convince us that we are all equal with the same possibilities.

We had the same salaries, same cars, and houses. We attended same events, visited same places, and spent vacations on the same beaches.

Noone stuck out of the crowd and the crowd takes care that they pull and hold back successful and different thinking individuals. We were all one happy nation. Or we were just pretending. I'm not even sure anymore what was the case.

There were no rich people but no beggars either.








I was surprised when I saw these people on the main touristic street in Barcelona, and I must say that I felt very uncomfotable while taking these photos.

I have nothing against these people. We don't know what is their situation and why they live like this.

I'm not here to judge them. I just report from the field.

No fake news.

At least they find their way to get on the trending page.

Are they really beggars or just smart entrepreneurs? Who knows?

Every similarity with the steemit platform is just a coincidence.

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De verdad que es muy lamentable la situación que ocurre con esas personas, casi lo mismo ocurre con los compatriotas que salen de nuestra Venezuela amada para irse a probar suerte a otro pais @oldtimer

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the one i can understand the similarities is the begging part in steemit.
I wonder what was it like to live under the socialist country, eventough they are no onger used in the world, but there is one big scare here in my country about it, or maybe just a topic used by the politician to attack one another.
hmmm begging for power likely.

THEY PICTURES ARE GREAT...........................(i saw a lot of profi baggering people, in the end of the day they went normally home, some children baggering were brought home, in Sopot seen, in an Daimler Benz (old model) by their parents...so better dont trust your eyes too often. Mercery is i big source on income.

Lovely collection. Seriously I respect homeless people, because they have reasons, but dont understand why young people dont work, instead of bagging :( Many people have difficulties in life and in some countries it is getting harder day by day. In my country we have different beggars. Real beggars, People whom their official job is "begging" and others who take begging as a Trend. It is very sad to see this and we can only hope that our governments would do something in the future.

I just remembered an old meme that I made before. We have also official "Steemit Beggars" :P

3BFD087700000578-0-image-a-21_1483965221013 (2).png


steemit baggers

OTL. ...

wonderful photographs friend both low class and high but in reality we are all the same, impeccable work

If the harsh reality that is seen in the main streets of Barcelona, Spain, with people prostrate in the streets, gives a sense of uneasiness. These are people uprooted from their homes or from their countries of origin. And the current society and the authorities do not give an answer to solve this problem either. I found it very interesting that you share these photos and your concern about it. Best regards @oldtimer

Sometimes beauty is discomfortable... But still is beautiful!

The key word in most cases is homeless, I've met some that lost all to a simple fire outbreak or paremts debt before their death etc.
There's alway a story line. Getting a job is the next best thing, but that solely lies on their motivation and determination.
And Yeah, come to think of it, this might actually be the most stress-free job our there.

wow, excellent street photography, about not rich and also not poor, they are midlist, nice dear

This socialism in which you lived is the one that now lives daily in Venezuela, is the most failed social model that exists in the world, it is impossible to live being equal to others, we are different beings, there are people who stand out more than others because of their personality , creativity, effort, and that's what makes us different makes us unique! I find the post interesting, thanks for sharing

writings and photo that can inspire, handsome and beautiful people can do thing like this spend time on the street, @oldtimer,☺️

All fingers are not equal, in this modern time it is disheartening to see beggars on the same streets top government officials work on going to work! The government is not alone made for the rich .
Their major responsibilities is security and the welfare of the people, any government that can’t do these for me as failed.
This is the order of the day in Nigeria where I come from, because 80% of Nigerians live in poverty , below $ 1 in a day
There is a need for the government to rise up to their responsibilities and take these beggars off the streets and empower them. @oldtimer thanks for sharing this touching post buddy 📷💪🏽👍🙏🏾

Nice one, oldtimer. I stay skeptical about these people, 99% of them are probably smart entrepreneurs. Barcelona is crazy.

Just got to know that. you are from Slovenia

As far as my halfknowledge goes, this topic is different depending on where you are.

Here in germany, we do have quite a few beggers. It used to be that they just sat in public areas asking for money. Usually foregn people who use signs that have german gibberish written on them telling how terrible they are having it.

Over the last couple of years, they have gotten more aggressive and actively walk up on people, asking them for money, always having a story at the ready. I actually almost fell for a scam like that once, but was warned by people who already made the experience.

On the other hand, I heard that in other countries with strong touristic activities, beggars are an actually organized community that. Highly profitable at that. I don't know whether this is true, but it is interesting nevertheless.

These types of people face difficulties. You do not have a home with the people. They search for places to sleep in life. Life is a fact.

Realno ste opisali život u socijalizmu. To ipak ne mogu shvatiti ljudi koji nisu proživeli i osetili. Postoje stvari koje je nemoguće prepričati iIi dočarati. Duh vremena je emocija i ne može se preneti. Kad sam pokušavala i pričala o tome, uvek su mi govarili da kad si mlad, sve ti je lepo. :)
Nešto dobro je ipak ostalo. U malim gradovima ne postoji prosjačenje. To je stvar morala i vaspitanja. Ljudi bi radije umrli od gladi nego prosili. Do toga normalno ne dolazi, bolesni se leče a o ugroženima brine socijalna služba. U prestonici i turističkim mestima je druga priča, i najčešće je reč o zloupotrebi ljudi.
Šok sam doživela kad sam prvi put videla u razvijenim zapadnim zemljama prosjake, bez obzira na motive.
Slike su odlične, pravi dokumentarac. Iznenadila me tema priča @oldtimer. Hvala na deljenju drugačijeg sadržaja.

This is one of the post where fingers stops to type anything but i want to say that, everything is mindset, we don't know what people face but we know one thing we have to fight in life no matter what obstacles, hardships, problems or failures we are facing and have to move on. And we can see these type situations in many countries and in my opinion this situation will change if mindset of people changes, means possibly this situation is due to rejection, and rejection can push people into phase of Loneliness. So to improve this situation we all human beings have to change our thoughts otherwise this situation will remain same. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed.

I can imagine how uncomfortable it must have felt. These are important pictures though. They tell a story that not enough people want to hear about. Each image is a portrait of the life of that person. It shows the hardships that many people in the world are suffering from. It may be uncomfortable to look at the image but is better than turning a blind eye which is what most people do. Thank you for sharing these images. There stories are profound.

They all have their issues.While hope they get out of that condition .

Well I do agree some of the incidents do match up with Steemit.

Ha ha... a lot of parallels with Steemit... you said it! The flowered girl photograph is very interesting. Thirty years ago in Slovenia was everyone driving Ladas?


Zastava 750 and zastava 101 were copied from fiat (made in Yugoslavia)and renault 4 were the most common. Lada was not so common. We didn't like the stuff from East.


Zastava is a cool name I haven't heard of that!


It means The flag. Check on Google photos how ugly those cars were. Zastava is a factory in Serbia. The big producer of Kalashnikov in former Yu.


Ha ha ugly ... you are right and it deserves the name... a big red flag!