Valentine Self-Portrait Shots (Photoset)

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Every once and awhile I like experimenting with lighting and colors to depict a mood. Whenever I feel inspired to take photographs but I don't have a model, I grab my tripod and timer and take over the roles of being both behind and in front of the camera.



Valentine's Day this year was filled with cramming information into my head for my midterm the following morning. So this year I'm celebrating this day of love over this weekend. I wanted to create an intimate but dark mood setting. I tried to capture this by placing one light source with a pink light bulb facing the front of me, and a contrasting light source with a blue light bulb off to the right and below.


How was your Valentine's Day? Did you spend it with a significant other or did you spend it treating yourself to goodies and self-love?

I hope you're looking forward to a wonderful weekend! I hope we get some more snow here in colorful Colorado!

Camera photo-camera (1).pngLens icon (1).pngLocation map-location (1).png
Canon Rebel t3i50mm f 2.8Boulder, CO

All images are my own © 2017-2018 MrsLauren

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Very nice post Lauren! Its so important to experiment with photography, that the only way to raise the bar :) I just found your blog, but I'm already a little blown away by your content! You seem to put a lot of emotion in your posts which is so important and much appreciated! Keep up the great steeming!

p.s. your use of light, especially in the second picture reminded me of the poster for the film moonlight :)


Thank you!! Moonlight actually is one of my favorite films and one of the many inspirations for purchasing my colored lightbulbs. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside being recognized as someone who produces quality content. Steemit has turned into a platform where I can express myself and my work, and I strive to produce good content to share.


It’s my pleasure! It was nice to stumble onto your blog! I have really felt the way about Steemit! The best way to have a good time is just to express yourself and create the kind of content you would like to see :) I checked out your profile earlier and I really like your vibe and content... we seem to be doing similarish things! I followed you and I look forward to seeing what kind of beautiful content you make next :)

Great color, I did self portraits on valentines too!! Lol, great day for some self love!


Thank you!! I just checked out your page and your self-portraits are incredible! You've inspired me! I followed you and I cant wait to see more of your photography :)

Yea, This year's Valentine was superb great. Do have a blessed weekend @Mrslauren.

Upvotes for both the excellent photos and for Colorado!
Very nice!


Thank you!! We live in quite a beautiful state :)

What a beautiful photoshot.


Thank you!

These are great @mrslauren! Followed.


Thank you!! I appriciate the follow ♡

I love the mood you created with this lighting. Do you ever find it uncomfortable to be your own subject? These are lovely.


It's quite the opposite actually. When I'm alone I feel more comfortable because there's no one else taking the pictures, so after every couple photos I can review them and see what looks good or what doesn't. With some photographers that I'm meeting for the first time, it's hard for me to get comfortable and understand what they want to produce. Whereas alone, I dont have to worry about creating synergy with the photographer because I'm both in front and behind the lens :)

Thank you! I appreciate the compliment ♡

Excelentes tomas fotográficas te felicito, muy buena resolución y técnica, los filtros le dan unos efectos maravillosos creando un ambiente e iluminación muy interesantes, además eres muy linda, Mil besos!!!!


Thank you! I wish I spoke Spanish, such a beautiful language :)

Interesting post, beautiful money photography @mrslauren
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money photography?

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I saw your good posting well.
I followed you.
I want to talk to you in the future.

Hola preciosa agradezco tus comentario y elogios a mis poemas, tu trabajo es también muy bueno lo disfruto y sigue mostrándonos tus cosas, te estaré siguiendo OK


Hello, I'm sorry I dont speak spanish... I'm not sure what you said, but thanks for the comment regardless.

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@juliank so even though there are 5 photos, it's only counted as one per post?


lol the struggle is real


haha ya.. what can you do ¯_(ツ)_/¯