Martin's Portrait Photography #10 - A Young Man in India with Dreams of the Future

Today another portrait I made while traveling in Southern India, highlighting the progress that the country is making on education. The Indian education system has made significant progress in recent years to ensure that educational opportunities are available to everyone in society, to all casts. Although progress is slow, it is there. And progress on education brings out the best in people. Especially to children, it gives hope for a bright future.

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The kids portrayed here are symbol of a more traditional schooling method in India, which tends to emphasize rote learning and mememorization, rather than encourage creative and independent thinking which we see more in Western society. India has a very strong focus on taking examinations from an early age, which makes the environment very competitive. It is important to not lose sight on what is fun.


With a translator I was able to communicate with this kid. He said that education changed the lives of the entire family. Before education, everything in his and his siblings' life was centered around work. At home it was always very quiet. It all started with his grandfather trying to change things around. He sent his father to a tutor so that he could learn to read. Then, when he was born his father taught him how to read. He started reading all kinds of kids books, then local newspapers, then more fiction. He learned that his village was part of a bigger country, of a bigger world. He started dreaming about this world. He learned about human rights, about diversity, about entrepreneurship. Now he's studying economics at the local university and he dreams to go to Europe. He wants to be a teacher. To teach the next generation.

Another valuable lesson from a young man. An inspiration.

Happy kids is all we want! :-)


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Your words and the ones coming straight from the mouths of these children really inspires me, as a teacher to keep going stronger with the lineage I'm in right now. Thank you so very much for sharing these beautiful messages of hope.

Excellent pictures too by the way! Upvoted & resteemed.

Namaste :)

This is great ...the indian education system is increasing to an extend in the present age...The young learners who have a strong dream must be motivated for making a better future to the upcoming generations. @martinphoto

Great shot, resteemed. The expression on his face is great.

Woo!! The pictures made Awe .
You have beautifully described my country.
You should also have taken a visit to the north-east .
You'd be assured to see something like this

Very beautiful photos. Education is indeed very important and can change the thoughts and lives of the individuals.
Keep up the good work :)

Thank you for telling the story behind your beautiful picture. It's inspiring @martinphoto

Lovely photos. Yes, I also believe that education brings out the best in people rather it’s on a university schedule or learning particular skills. Especially for children because building confidence through learning and achieving goals teaches individuals that they can create their future.

These pictures are beautiful! I specially love that you have a full story attached to them. Thank you for sharing!

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awesome click ...
it is such an amaing seen to make a nice click...


excelente trabajo!

Awsome photography.. What a creativity..

great..i love you

I love your job! Your photos let me see a history behind the pic. It is great to know that India makes effort to bring to their kids an opportunities to better education.

awesome photo