I've seen the world from many a car window. Hundreds of thousands of miles... it's fun to take people to see places they've never been before.

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This gem is from a recent trip to Moab/Canyonlands
My friend is Amanda chilling in the back seat of the Tacoma as we explored some dirt roads.


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Thank you for your feedback. It's appreciated.

Also - this is opt-in - as per your project outline - you made this post - not the blogger.

That entire area is very picturesque. Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Arches, etc... some really amazing views. You can almost see them through the window. Maybe with a teensy bit more aperture. LOL. Really nice portrait. That dynamic range though!

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You are absolutely right: there is no better way of travelling than doing a roadtrip! Would be happy if you join our @roadtrips ;)

This makes me feel like I'm right there in the car with her. I like 😍

i like this Post.!!!

example that car shots can be great :D

I think i've tried this kind of shot several times before and never gotten much. Perhaps it worked out this time because it was back seat.

back seat helps, but i looks like everything came together. tone of car interior and her clothes, dark parts and bright, even the outside colors goes great with her hair and skin color.

Seems like so much fun!

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The mood of this images is so striking - it takes your mind off things.

Hallo, I m from Russia and write about Russia. Please come and join me!!

Great lightning

Wow, great light :)

Nice Portrait. I love the atmosphere is creates.

Really love this shot!

Well then I really appreciate it!!

Really nice post 👍 thanks 🔥❤️