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Good day steemians
Today is Friday
This is my entry for the friday photocontests- Portraitphotography by @juliank @photocontests

I visited my dentist yesterday for check up. I saw this portrait hanging at her clinic and i took a picture of it.


This portrait is from Rodel Rillera her mentor in painting as a dentist Dr.Christine Go is a painter too..

This portrait is abstract impressionism ....
This is a picture of Mother-child..
Its really an abstract picture,,at first glance you cannot describe what is ..

Thank you for dropping by :)
I am Catherine Tan a.k.a @catietan

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The best is yet to come..
Have a wonderful friday...
God bless everyone..

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It is indeed hard to figure out how it became mother and child. I can only see a face :)

keep it up ms. cate you're doing great :-)