Golden Feathers

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The ever-graceful Ildiko, greeting the sun with her mesmerizing dance – feathered tips of her ornate costume catching the golden light – the Playa's pastel dawn hues offering the perfect backdrop.

camera: Canon EOS 5D Markiii
lens: 135mmf2.0L Prime
specs: ISO100 - f2.0 - 1/500 sec
(same settings for all images)
date / location: 2 September 2017 / Black Rock City, Nevada

side note: I've shared a couple of these images before –in this post 6 months ago – yet couldn't resist sharing more for the backlighting theme of this week's @portraitcontest.



• ^^^ click above to check out my photobook – portraits of the children of Burning Man! ^^^ •

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those are some really great pictures!

This is so beautiful @zipporah! I love the very last photo here the most; it's just brilliant! Here in Playa del Carmen, MX, there are always traditional Mayan dancers posing for photos with tourists (seems sad to me really), they are dressed very similar to this but with painted faces, arms and legs as well. I was speaking to one of them and he said it takes hours to prep it all.

Thanks again for sharing these :)

That's an amazing costume! I can just imagine all the work that went into putting that together.

Nothing follows. Just Wow!!!

Her costume — and your photos! — are magnificent! What wonderful captures you've gotten against that splendid sunrise on the playa! That first shot, especially, is awesome because the feathers look like they are on fire with the light streaming through them! Such exquisite photos! Bravo! 💖

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I'm speechless!!! This is just so damn beautiful!

Wow!!! Absolutely stunning photos!!! I love the colours of the sunset.

Very beautiful: I hope you got a lot more awesome pictures of Burning man!

Wow! Looks like a golden eagle about to take flight at dawn! Stunning and inspiring, as always. :)

Zippy, these really are amongst the most beautiful, perfect, magical photographs I have ever seen. They are utterly gorgeous; otherwordly. You are a magician with the camera, dear lady.

Amazing costume and even more amazing shots

The backlit sunrise is amazing, but her eagle dance is mesmerizing!

Loved your presentation, your beautiful photographs really inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing.

These are so beautiful! The lighting is perfect

Amazing! Stunning photo!!