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Hi Steemians!

For this weeks @portraitcontest I am entering this shot I took at a wedding of a Bride finishing off getting ready. I noticed this amazing mirror frame on the wall and moved into position so I could frame her in the mirror too. I never like to pose anything if I can help it and this shot was all natural, so I am really proud I managed to accomplish what I wanted to.

Hengrave hall wedding photography sansom photography anthony and casey-17.jpg

Thank you for stopping by! - Verity x


Camera Gear : Canon 6D + 17-40mm Lens


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This is amazing :) Great work with the contrast. Hauntingly beautiful


Thank you! I loved the contrast in this shot too!

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I like photos! Hello)



Now that's a shot! Love it.


Thank you!! :D

Great shot Verity, the lights and the darks really add a great dimension.


Thank you Sara! I loved this shot too :)

Wonderful shot vtravels!


Thank you, much appreciated!

Congratulations, @vtravels. Today's #monomad second place is yours. Thank You for participating!


Thank you!!


Always a great pleasure to see you taking part in it!

Wow... these are amazing

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