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Weddings can be boring for kids, so most of the time they have to try and entertain themselves! I managed to capture this little kid looking super bored with his giant balloon and loved how it just summed up his mood perfectly! He was just stood waiting for his parents to stop talking to people and give him attention! I loved the contrast in the white wall and empty space so chose to frame it with lots of the wall in! My entry to the @portraitcontest.


- Verity x

Photography by me and copyrighted to me.
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me encanta el contraste en blanco y negro...

Lovely capture!

Thank you !

Yes looks very boring, children we have to give entertainment and joy let life passionate, posting a good

Yes he was quite bored, after he got given colouring books he was happy though!

How apt! Nothing more tedious for a child than to have to sit around waiting for the parents

Hahaha no quite! I am glad I managed to capture this moment for them to remember!

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Thank you that's awesome!

Great shot and sad story. It is not that hard to organize something for children at a wedding as well

Thanks! They did have things going on for the kids later so he wasn't bored for too long!

Good to hear that. I hope everybody enjoyed the weddingparty

Yes they did!

Good thing there’s a balloon to keep him busy/entertained.

Hahaha exactly!

Haha that´s fantastic :) Couldn´t wait on the end of the day :)

Thanks! Hahaha nope he really couldn't!

Oh great! Although I was very much enjoying your shadowplay work, I was starting to miss the othe side of wedding photography and just got to thinking how you would "capture" that moodier side! (I always have to think of the children because I can't imagine really how they can sit through all the speeches and boring romantic dancing).

Hahaha aww thanks! I think that's what makes wedding photography so interesting is all the different aspects to it! Loved this little kid!

That balloon looks like it could float him away to other worlds. He does look bored ! It's a excellent shot composition wise. You have some beautiful photos.

Thank you so much for your kind words! Haha yes it does look like it could float him away it was so big!

Great moment captured, and your explanation of it all also creates a deeper understanding and mood that the photo echos.

Thank you so much!

I'm looking forward to more of your work and posts ❤️🙂😁

Thank you so much! :D

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