why Bitcoin, January

Everyday I use the Internet I see the same thing. The voice of the people harvested for the benefit of less than all of the people. How does a gross injustice go so unnoticed, you might ask. Allow me to enlighten. Say every survey response you ever taken; think of evaluations of teachers, satisfaction with applications on your phone, and even the Yelp reviews - all the good ones especially the bad ones – didn’t scrapped once you clicked “Submit”. What would they gain from that? Who’s they? All your opinions, tastes, preferences and more than you realize becomes a digital replica of you, for the amusement and general use of big business. Social media, for now and sometime remembers how you feel to sell it to you, a better assistant than Siri or Alexa could never be. I believe not all hope is lost, but it’s rising surely championed 'blockchain for everyone'. I couldn’t agree more. I think Bitcoin is just the beginning.



I just came here because I saw the title and the preview photo.

I'm thinking the girl in the photo is thinking about Bitcoin and "Why did I sell all of it at $1.03. I could be rich."

Ha, aside from my glaring typos and missing words, I’m glad the title and portrait caught your eye. Least I have that going for me... Good chance plenty folks are feelin’ that way..!

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