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Spooky Season

So Halloween is coming to a close, and I've left some good people waiting on the last of my Halloween photos. I must apologize. I let the games and vices of this month trap me for too long. So here's the last batch. Hope you like em.

Definitely no tricks this Halloween.

Category portrait photography
SettingsVarious ISO - Various f/stops
CameraCanon EOS 6D
LensCanon EF 50mm f/1.8
LocationBoston, Massachusetts

For your viewing pleasure, as always.


Hey! Lovely portraits. I'm a bit confused if you are the model or the photographer (or both?). I will love to know. Great stuff!

I think I figured that: you are the dude that climbs rooftops (often illegally) with a camera in hand ;-)
You earned my follow!

I'm the photog! And indeed, I scale buildings in my free time aha

Hey there. Nice Halloween pix. Im beau. (microplant) check out my profile if you'd like. Im an artist of many trades...and i think you may like my work. :)

These portraits are really good. The composition in each photo is on point. The dark mood is very fitting. Awesome work, stunning model.

Preciate it! Hopefully we'll see some work from you, and we can show everyone from Telegram how lucrative this could be!

Wow, you're gorgeous. And that costume, so fitting. Too bad your house is such a mess. (Ha ha, joking.)

Found you on Discord and clicked through.

I'm Joe, @joe.nobel, nice to meet you.

I have a Halloween story on my blog, too. I don't think it to aged to vote on (if you'd care to, no obligation).

Thanks Joe! I plan on keeping the work coming in quick these days, so stay tuned. Preciate you stopping by.

Lovely photos looking beautiful ...

Appreciate it! Sharing more. Stay tuned!

lovely images... who are these girls you are shooting at? are they freelance models or your friends?

I know most of these girls! They finally let me take their portraits, after a lot of persuading...

Followed! This photo series is giving me some nostalgia to high school mischief, I love it!

Thank you! I'll do my best to follow it up!

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