Artist at work..🎨👨‍🎨

He was standing in a corner fully focused on those brush strokes that's when I saw him and I realized that I had seen the the same #painting half done the previous day..

I was intrigued so decided to stand there and see what it turns out to be, after sometime it started to seem like a colourful eyeball! 👁️

Loved the way he used such vibrant colors to make an eye ball..🌈

As I stood there guessing what was it gonna become thought of taking a portrait shot of him and asked him if I could do so. He smilingly said sure and was trying to pose but I wanted it to be a candid one..

I asked him to just keep painting and I will try to get some shots, I took some 3-4 shots in all of them he was facing the canvas .. For once he turned around and that's when the same got it's chance to Wink at the busy artist ! 😉

  • Shot On: One Plus 5
  • Edited on: Lightroom CC, Snapseed, Lens Distortions
  • Place: Jayamahal Palace Bangalore, India

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