Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 17: Halloween theme (3 images)

Here are a few shots of Beth modeling a pirate costume almost 7 years ago!!! Yikes! ;) This was back when we would get together for photos shoots in our living room just for fun! There was no motive besides dressing up and having fun with friends!


@sallyswitchblade did hair and makeup for this shoot, and she modeled as well! I'm sure @jasonrussell and/or myself will share some of her photos very soon from this living room session!


These were taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel and kit lens.


Thanks for checking it out! Make sure to share your Halloween photos for the #portraitcontest all week, whether they're cute, funny, gory, or whatever!!!

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The crimson pirate strikes again! (I vaguely remember a film of that name?)

I like that the stool got in on the color scheme too!


Haha, Crimson Pirate. I like it! (Not sure if I’ve ever heard of the film) And that stool has been around for ages; it’s funny that you noticed it! :)


Good old IMDB! Must have seen this late at night or something:

I like your post. @melodyrussell I have followed you


Thank you!

Beautiful! Really cool, detailed costume too.


Yeah I’m not even sure where the costume came from but it made for some pretty fun pictures! :) Thanks @coruscate!

thanks for sharing keep it up

Hello @melodyrussell these pics have turned out to be quite nice. what lighting have you used ? is it standard flash or some studio lighting or some DIY rig?


Well thank you ☺️ I’m pretty sure we lit this with 2 softboxes. We purchased them over 10 years ago and we still use them to this day! The company actually went out business and it’s a shame because they made great products!

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What a sexy pirate, she would have had all the eyes of the crew on the ship, now she does on the street i am sure :)


I’m pretty sure you’re right! 😁

glad I stopped by great job!! do you still see her... some follow up shots would be fun


We always talk about getting together again for a shoot, but life is busy! She’s a busy little mama of 3 little ones, but hopefully she will model for us again soon!

Great work, you have controlled the lighting really well to have a solid black and the poses are great.

It could have benefitted from a hair light shining on the model from the back to give better edges, but you no doubt already know this 7 years later. Often limited space to add one in depending on your studio space.


Thanks! I still have a lot to learn when it comes to studio lighting, but I’ve improved a bit over the years :)



Thanks! ☺️