Portrait Photography: king of the clouds

A couple days ago, me and some friends got together at my best friend Ricardo's old house, he's currently living in Spain but this time we went to visit his grandma, who had recently gotten back from her trip to Barcelona.

It was indeed a warm visit, I brought brownies and we drank some coffee with them, as we reminisced and joked around.

Also, we spent a long time just thinking about old times and taking pictures in one of the most memorable places of the house, where we shared many moments together.

There, I took this picture of one of my friends, Vicente, while we were hanging out in the roof of the house. I thought it was really cool- like a nice, somewhat urban portrait that also captured a lot of what makes that place so special: the sky and the sunlight.


I just loved this photograph so much, because my friend really knows how to pose and is very confident in front of a camera, which is also why it was so easy and natural for me to make this shot. I took this picture with my phone, though, so sadly it's nowhere near to my Nikon's photos when it comes to image resolution; still I hope you can appreciate it and like it as much as me :)

Anyhow, I really really loved how it came out and thought it shoud totally be my entry for this week's Portrait Photography Contest, which is currently on its 116th round, with still no particular theme and judged by the awesome @jasonrussell.

I invite you all to join the contest and show your best portrait photos! And most importantly, have fun while doing it!

Taken by @mariacaffrey using Samsung A50, with F1.7, ISO 40, and 1/1155s, processed with Airbrush and Snapseed.


Image above belongs to me; all rights reserved


Nice photo of your friend with good title! The clouds behind him are wonderful with the sunlight. Great shot! ;)

Thank you so so much! I'm so happy right now lol. It means a lot :')

You're welcome! ;)