Music Portrait Contest Week 7 With: @jessamynorchard

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JessO ( @jessamynorchard ) is a good friend of ours, i have photographed her live performances many times, but this shot in particular is one of my all time favorites from back in 2013 i think!!!

Give her a listen!!

Canon 40D & 17-40L @ 21mm iso 800 1/40th f/4.5

I am working in conjunction with @jessamynorchard to promote The Steemit Local Music Society on Discord!

@jessamynorchard is providing an EXTRA 5SBD TO THE FIRST PLACE WINNER!! $30 SBD TO 1ST PLACE!!


Here's YOUR invitation:

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Thanks for Share! like your post and love it!


I love this shot, as well! There are so many good VFW shots!

Thank you to you and @melodyrussell for always being so awesome. Love you both!


This one is the only one from this series that was even in focus..........

thank you for the upvote of the gnc introduction mr @jasonrussell :) good to get to know all the positive people here on steemit thumb-up
i like the idea with the local music society! unfortunately i´m not playing an instrument except smartphone haha

This post has received a 0.89 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @jasonrussell.

Good photo and good luck with the promotion @jasonrussell. Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.

Awesome!!!!! She ROCKS!!!! :D