If you go on a trip to the desert ... what do you need?

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This week some comrades from Spain came to visit us and enjoy a week's vacation in Morocco, yesterday was the first day and we went to Chaouen (Chefchaouen). Today they got up early and went straight to Marrakech. From there they are going to make a trip to the desert and of course they asked us what to take. A good question I asked myself last year when I went.

If you are going to one of the deserts of Morocco (the closest are the Merzouga that is where this photo is made and the one in Zagora) 1 night or two, you only need to have 3 main things, do not worry.

First of all you should think that there temperatures change a lot from morning to night so you should always wear light clothes for the day but never forget some warm clothes for the night, especially in winter.


Of second solar protection and something to cover your head. The most typical of these areas is the Berber turban because it also allows you to cover your face in case of rising wind (sandstorms).

Finally, never forget the camera, one of the best sunsets I have been able to contemplate has been in the desert of Merzouga when the sun goes down, everything turns red and the views from one of the giant dunes are priceless.

Yes, there are few things that you need but remember that this is if you hire excursion. If it were not like that, think that on your own you should be more careful, have provisions, a place to sleep and, above all, some guidance system just in case.

"Photography is the only lenguage that can be understood anywhere in the world ” -Bruno Barbey-


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great photo.
i like the feel of the edit.

Thanks for your words @bil.prag :)