My first Steemit portrait contest entry: Week 2 Entry 1 - Original Content

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Well I'm back, like a crack addicted puppy circling the block just to waste a minute before he comes begging back to his pusher, I got one tiny bit of news - our appointment later this evening was cancelled - and BAM! Suddenly I have ALL TEH TIMES FOR THA STEIEMZS!!

Oh well why not? I figured I'd jump on the portrait contest bandwagon while it's still in its early stages, maybe I can finally start participating in some of these amazing community fun things?

Here is my first entry, taken at a wedding several years ago. This little kid was just running around, rolling in the grass and dirt, rambunctious and dirty, no shirt, curious, adorable, just like a little kid should be. We snapped this photo just as she took a quick look up at us, curious about the shiny black clicky boxes in front of our faces. Sometimes awesome moments just happen.

Mike & Sarah - © Dallas Kolotylo Photography - 603.jpg

Lemme know what you think of the shot Steemians! If you like this vote feel free to drop me one of those sweet sweet upvotes, you know I love em'! And be sure to follow me @dexter-k on Steemit to follow our travels around the world, and see new original content all the time!

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Thanks so much @thecryptofiend!


So innocent! What a great expression.

Isn't she just adorable!?!? I love the curious little face :)

She wears the dirt on her face very well!

Amazing portrait @dexter-k!
Hope you win!

Thanks @marinauzelac, my money's on you though ;)

Hello dear @dexter-k you wroted nice article thank you for this.

Thank you @sleep1997, glad you like it!

wellcome back: ))

Thanks @superlover, good to see you're still steeming on! I upvoted you back :)

I love that portrait!! Those emotions in so tiny eyes...

I know right??!!?? So cute, thanks @tropical-life :)

cute !!!

She sure was @siavach :)

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Love the image and the story behind it. Parents were probably drunk. Haha.