Reminder - Backlit Portrait Contest!

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Hey all, just a reminder that a new theme for @jasonrussell's portrait contest has been announced. The theme for PC43 will be: BACKLIT..

The "Week 42 - Summer Theme" portrait contest is drawing to a close and for the next week, I will be reviewing entries as guest judge for the weekly portrait contest.

I wanted to show some examples of the kind of portrait photography you could submit for a chance to win up to 10 STEEM. Typically, the sun is used to light your portrait subject from behind, as you can see in the examples (from Google Images) on the top of this page. It can give a wonderful glow to your subjects hair, and bring out the dimensionality of the environment.

If you are a studio shooter though, by all means please enter your images where you have used light behind your subject in a creative way, perhaps to separate, flatter or style your subject. Obviously silhouettes are welcome too. I'm looking for any creative use of (natural or synthetic) light behind your subject!

Here are some examples of my work which use "back lighting"...





Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to checking out the entries this week, and wishing everyone the best of luck.

OFFICIALLY SPONSORED BY: @kommienezuspadt & @crimsonclad

1st Place - 10 STEEM
2nd Place - 5 STEEM
3rd Place - 3 STEEM

Head over to @jasonrussell's profile for more info!

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Good to have you back!!


Cheers! Great to be back! :)

Condra, as a photographer, you are undervalued, and you probably already know that...

Your photos are crisp, clean, and you highlight the subjects posing for the photo is the best possible way.

You're an awesome photographer... I've seen it multiple times. Not even multiple times... hundreds of times now.

It's so weird how the steem audience doesn't seem to add you to their follow list and reap the rewards of awesome imagery simply by clicking on your posts.

Well, I, for one, will totally tell friends and family of mine who are photographers to "check out condra on steem" do good work, always have. I have yet to see shoddy photography from you -- ever.

Your models, and the people you shoot, when they see what you produce... that's probably the sole reason everyone wants to pose for you too.

You're a professional. I see it. I wish more did too.

Glad to know you...

Thanks for sharing as much as you do...

It is people just like yourself that brings value to steem. Without the photos and content you bring... steem wouldn't be worth what it is today.

Nice job. I want to see more. :)

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