Steemit Portrait Photography Contest - Week 27 - Smile for the Camera

This is my entry for @jasonrussell's smile-themed Steemit Portrait Photography Contest.

It's a portrait of a snow-boarder who was relaxing with a beer, had noticed me taking photos, and approached to ask me about my camera. After a brief chat, I asked him if it would be ok to take his picture. He said "sure."


Image @cognoscere and taken on Saturday February 3rd, 2018 at Spring Mountain Adventures in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Sony RX-100 V)


Ahh yes, I would be smiling with a beer in my hand as well! :)

2 votes for that!!! hahahaha

Looks like a good entry to me! I hope you win. :)

Love it! Such an honest portrait, I said in a post the other day that portraits are kind of like painting to me, it's not just taking a photo, it's capturing the essence of that person! Looks like you've nailed it here!

That guy looks like he was literally raised to be a snowboarder.

Shirt alone was worth the shot.

That is quite a character! Good Luck in the contest.

This guy looks totally like a snowboarder!

Nice portrait dear, best wishes for contest .
Keep posting

Amazing photography @cognoscere. I hope @jasonrussell like your post.

That smile wow liked the shot :)

wow.....excellent photography, nice story, great post, thanks for sharing

hah ha dear @cognoscere this is awsome and very intaresting photography

So beautiful photography sir. great work

Great entry all the best for the challenge you will win it :)

Such a great shot in the portrait looks really awesome :)

Great photo!!
This post has been deemed resteem & upvote worthy by your friendly @eastcoaststeem ran by Steemian @chelsea88

he gave a perfect post he must be happy to see this shot after for sure :)

Wow amazing photography
For your post propagation.

Simply the best photo to get nice moment captured there

Totally digging this shot!!

Awesome post and photo! Good luck!

This shot was very rich in colors and amazing in the looks

hehe :) fun bi portrait.
very suitable for competition. clarity, colors and composition are brilliant! I loved the meaningful look. Congratulations to a very successful work!

stylish portrait capture that was wonderful to look :)

Such a amazing photography.i impress your post.
To be continue always.
I like the post......

the sun rays reflected perfectly in that so nice portrait entry :)

I love when that works out!

beer in the hand and smile on the face lovely combo of both the world :)

Nice portrait shot there by you thanks for sharing it in the contest i would resteem this

Fab shot!! Did you get his email to send him a copy?? He looks like he's saying "Duuuuude!". :)

Wow excellent camera shots and great photography
100% like and resteem

Looks like a good entry to me!wonderful photography.

This is very very beautiful p0hotography
Thanks @cognoscere
Have a great day

nice information

This is wonderful photography . its lookin
Upvote Resteem

So nice portrait dear...

Have a nice day @ cognoscere ...Ahh yes, I would be smiling with a beer in my hand as well!

smile is the secret key of happiness. @cognoscere

He sure seemed pretty happy by the way ;)

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