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A photo for the @jasonrussell Portraitcontest !

I've always loved this photo. Maybe you will not like it. but it makes you feel like a tunnel in time :)
Feelings are always important for street photography. It develops quickly. You run for the camera to see what you see. Anyway. I hope you're all good. Please tell me what you did this week :)bir gençliğim birde sen .jpg

There is no collage work on this photo. The original was taken with reflections.
Category Street Photography
Settings 75mm - f 4 - 1/400 - ISO200
Camera PENTAX K20D
Lens (PENTAX F 75-150mm f4)
Ben Ceren ,

All photos , story and drawings are belongs to me. @originalcontent - @originalworks If you like my works please resteem and upvote.. Thank you for your support and valuable comments on my art.

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you captured such an interesting expression on the man's face, I love this photo! You can see the reflection as the man's recollection of a day long gone


aww ... Thank you for your kind comment and support!
This is one of my favorite photos. I think it reflects the image of the past and dreams of this man

cool )


aww. thank you so much!
it's great to see you on my page!

Yine harika bir çalışma.. Ben 3 hayat gördüm.. @artizm


teşekkür ederim dostum!

I like it!

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aw! thank you so much

Cool))) i like photo


aww thank you dear friend :)

Interesting shot !


hey, hey, it's great to see you. thank you


same here :)

Excellent shot, cool little story on your composition, love it :)

wow. great photo!

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Wonderful photography... upvoted

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