Simple Photographic Portraits

in #portrait3 years ago

Hi friends, I'm new to this community and I'm here because I like to create portrait and city photographs, so I'm here to share with you my photographs and photoshop editions

So I would like you to give me support, to keep showing new content every day so I need your great help.

This is the picture I took a few days ago, the one you see here, I liked it better. In the bottom part I will be showing you others that I have captured, so you can observe.

I have captured these photos with a phone, all my photos are captured with a phone because I don't have a camera but I do what I can while buying one.


These are the other photos what I like is the color, the atmosphere that I created in the photo, it's like a cold tone and I like that.

I hope you like these portraits that I have captured to share with you.

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