My views on pornography

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​My thoughts on pornography:

Online / video formats -

Websites should only have paid consenting actors who are 21 years of age and older. That being said, if two consenting adults over 21 want to film and share their sexual activities that's up to them (I would strongly discourage it however, the internet is forever).

Website access can be free or paid. I don't see the point in limiting access* it only encourages illegal trade and activities.

Access to 18+, though if the age of consent to sex is 16 you have to wonder about the age to watch porn in that case. If a minor (16-17) watches porn in the privacy of their bedrooms they might be less inclined to seek it out with a peer under the bleachers or in the backseat of a car.

Printed -

I don't see an issue with the long standing marketing of sex and suggestive images through magazines, with the buyer age restrictions and the same requirements as online for participants age/consent/paid.

Guns don't kill people, people do. Video games don't make people violent, they choose to be that way. Porn doesn't turn people into sexual deviants, people are just that way.

Watching porn doesn't make you attractive to minors or children. That is pathetically lame-minded to make that connection. It's like saying "You like guns so you want to kill people"? That's liberal logic at its' finest.

Hey, I'm a grown up adult, I watch porn, so what. I've watched it with my partners too. I'm an adult, I get to do adult things. And I am absolutely opposed to anything of an intimate and sexually suggestive nature involving minors and children (as you've read).

I personally wish I had been more active in life to participate in those groups protecting children. If I had one regret in life, which I don't, that would be in the top five. I find it appalling that when you see instances of such deviant behaviour online there's no where to report it.

I once read of deviant activities on Facebook (though involving 2 adults). I reported the post - nothing, it called out and doxxed someone publicly but "does not go against our standards". The post sounded pretty serious though and I didn't want to just drop it. I looked into the local police to report it. Here's an email. Great. But no one monitors this email. What? Oh, but here's 30 ads, emails, websites, APPS, IMs and PMs portals on how you can rat on your neighbours for having a party during Ford Nation lockdowns.

I am a single person, what the hell else is there to do when the bars are closed and it's 2 am? Would you rather all the single people are out there stalking others down dark empty streets when they want to get their rocks off? I mean, that's what you think people who watch porn will do right?

If you are an adult it's your own bloody business what you choose to watch or read provided everyone involved are also consenting ADULTS.

Do you really think eliminating porn is going to cure sick minded people? Is that why you all want to take away guns, for the few nutcases out there? I think you will find the majority of people who oppose porn are happily married and their spouses don't like watching it or at the very least they have sex several times a week. If you aren't then you should be critiquing your own life more.

Admittedly if I were with someone I would watch porn a lot less than once a week or so but then would being intimate with another person in physical form not just be another type of porn? Are you not, in fact, acting out your fantasies with that other person and they with you? Should we ban that too, I think Trudeau wants to. After all intimacy leads to sex and sex leads to children (the wrong type, if you know what I mean).

Anyways, it's fine, you do what ever you want and let everyone else do whatever they want, all legally of course.

I believe we should legalize and regulate prostitution too, but that's another discussion (and no, I have never enlisted the services of such a profession, I've never needed to thanks).

And that's my five cents worth.