What's up with the Populous project?

in #populous6 years ago

I've been trying to get verified so i can start financing invoices for companies but, never heard back from their support. And subsequently the "contact support" button doesn'y even work anymore. And get this, after a few days after i uploaded my docs, when i went back to check on status. the platform said i dint upload the docs. They made it seem like i never did.

I was quite optimistic about this project and was eager to start using it but, i have to admit, my optimism is fading and turning into doubt that this is even a real thing.

If someone knows what's going on, I'd appreciate an explanation.

And BTW, did i understand this correctly? One PPT only equals 1GBP? Seems pretty silly if 1 PPT is currently trading at around $15 USD. Economic inventive are not lining up. Which is quite disappointing since i had such high hopes about this one.

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