Nico says we will get it. Been waiting a few months now.

All I did was move my PPT over to my ledger during that time. All my friends got their PXT. The funny thing is, I got about 10 of them into PPT and I'm the only one who didn't receive PXT because I moved my funds in November! Very annoying but still a happy hodler.

Never moved my PPT from MEW. How do i get my PXT?

Was is in Mew back in October and not moved at all through January 2018? If so, PXT should be in your wallet.

If you moved it during that time, you needed to fill out a form a while back to provide a reason why you moved your coins and your updated wallet address for them to review.

don't hold your breath on ever getting them

Until Populous have declared the distribution of PXT to be completed, meet the requirement and submitted their claim form in the allotted time-frame should receive PXT.

He hasnt forgotten about us who have yet to receive PXT , he advised in the chat group recently they are still coming. Just been extreamly busy with beta launch :)

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