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I know I could be a lot more popular as a writer. Particularly locally.

All it would take is for me to lie.

I would have to spout Patriotically Correct (the other "PC") things, such as military worship, respect for cops, and unabashed love for "public" schools, while also gushing over the region's most popular supernatural religion.

I could criticize these beloved things as long as I never questioned their basic goodness and necessity; only quibbling over tiny details that most people around here could agree with me on. "How" it is done, not whether doing it is unnecessary or wrong.

If I did this I would have countless people patting me on the back, praising me to my relatives, and possibly even subscribing in greater numbers. I might even get job offers!

It wouldn't take any increase in writing skill or better grammar or anything else. I could do it from where I am now. In fact, I could probably relax a great deal and still get away with it, if I said "the right things".

It's not worth it, of course, but I will admit there are times it almost seems like it would be. It gets tiresome being the pariah.



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