Don't give up! Just believe in yourself!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Β How many times did we give up on our works thinking it's hard? How many times did we miss the chances that came to us? Some changes only came once in a lifetime. It's no use of crying over aΒ chance that we missed. We have to act on time. We have to keep up our work.

So why would the most of us give up? I can answer that simply.

Β  Β  Β  Β It's because we don't believe in ourselves.

When we came across a difficult challenge, we tell ourselves that we are not capable of doing that. Then what happens? Your inner soul sucks the negative power in your thoughts and produces you a negative result. You're giving up because you didn't trust you.

So we have to trust the hidden amazing person inside us, we have to believe in ourselves.

I'll tell you about my story.

In every, all island aerobics gymnastics meet, under 17 championship always goes to a certain school. They were practicing every day and they are so skillful because of that. No team could beat them. In early years, we were the champions but now we have to watch their performance with a sad smile.

We became tired of this and we wanted to gain our rightful place. But we never thought we could beat them. We actually joked about that but never dreamed in our wild dreams that we could do that. They were tough, and we were not enough skilled. We only hoped for 2nd, 3rd places.

Our teacher in charge also bore the same thought. She said us to focus on the other places and to leave the first place to them. So we ranked ourselves lower.

But one day, some person woke up the amazing ones inside us. It was my mom. She came to keep watch on us because the teacher was absent. She watched us practicing and said, "If you play like that, you will be in the first place".

We laughed while looking at each other. "Nah, that's impossible. There is that team."

She looked at us, confused. "How can you be sure? You haven't played yet."

"Well, we just know. They are way better than us. We can't beat them,"

Then my mother looked angry. "Of course you can't if you think like that. You're looking down on yourself. If you want to success, you have to believe in yourself,"

Then my mom gave us a little meditation exercise. She told us to imagine that we've won the match. She told us to feel the happiness in that moment. Mom told us to think that we will really feel that. She made us cheer, "We can do it!"

The competition day came. We practiced that exercise till that day and also in the gymnasium. There is a lot of competing teams. We played while thinking about the winning moment. After a few minutes, the results were announced.

We were in the first place! We never felt so happy in our aerobics life! We jumped while hugging each other tightly. Our teacher couldn't believe that and she was so happy too.

We went to thank our mother to thank her for our success. But she said this while embracing us "The real secret behind your winning is you believed in yourself".

The end.

We can reach our success if we can wake the giant inside of us. For that, we need to think positively. We need to have faith in ourselves. We need to believe.

We all are amazing. Let's credit ourselves and say "WE CAN DO IT!!!"

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Thanks for your time...Until we meet again<3

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This is a great story! Yes, we must believe in ourselves and tell ourelves every day that we CAN DO IT!!! :) I'm happy that your team won the aerobics competition! :D


Yeah, you're right. We should cut the word 'can't' and add the word 'can'.
Never stop believing in yourself! Thanks a lot @kenny-crane!

If You Follow Upvote comment And Resteem me I Will Do Same

A good sharing. Never give up. @mashiliyanage like you write here, You're All Amazing! Cheers


Thanks @kilathecla, only say "WE CAN DO IT"

Great positive post entry @mashiliyanage ! "Wake the giant inside you and believe in yourself " your mom is so right ! thanks for entering my #popcontest , upped and resteemed , goodluck !πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘βœŒπŸ’•


Thanks a bunch @karenmckersie, always believe in yourself!

"We all are amazing. Let's credit ourselves and say "WE CAN DO IT!!!" No truer words were ever spoken @mashiliyanage. Well done with this entry into #popcontest. I have upped and resteemed. GOOD LUCK 😁😁 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘


I'm happy that you agreed with me. Everyone has an amazing person inside. We have to let him out by couraging him. Thanks for the support darling<3

Love the positive message, always a nice reminder to never give up. Thanks!


You're welcome. Always have faith in yourself!

Very instructive story! Self-confidence is a 99% guarantee of success. Very often this faith is given by parents, it's great!


You gave the right word! Self-confidence! It's the first step to achieve success.
Thanks for commenting!