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Sometimes we look at ourselves and say “would anything good come out of me”. You look at your qualification achievement and you sometimes think within that you cannot amount to anything if you are the person I am talking about I want to let you know that positivity is the catalyst for inventions. Do you know that for every human you are created for a purpose and until you recognize that purpose and believe in your ability to achieve that purpose you might not attain the desired height.
I see a lot of minnows giving up and trying to bend the rules when the going gets tough maybe because they focus more on the work to be done rather than the glory at the end of the work. When one magnifies the work rather than the success the work will bring he/she tends to give up before the end. Now the pertinent question is how do I achieve that goal which I am meant to achieve? How to I create and aura of positivity around me. In this post I am going to be dishing out some techniques or action points that would enable one to create an aura of positivity and ultimately achieve his/her goal.


Timidity is a factor that encourages failure so as well lack of self-belief. Nobody would believe your ability if you don’t firstly believe in yourself.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent………..Eleanor Roosevelt

Self-belief is having confidence in your own work or judgement. Nobody was born to this world with a knowledge or awareness of what they can or cannot do but its our mind that limits us from positive possibilities. Now the first step to achieving self-belief is to have in mind that all limits are manmade and are created by you. Try to suppress the inner voice of doubt that tends to speak negatively and try to be more positive.

Nobody can motivate you more than you motivate yourself

Create a vision for yourself and become your own motivational coach motivating yourself to achieve you vision. I remember when I was in the university (Federal University Of Technology Owerri), I had this vision of at least graduating with a second class upper and something happened In my fourth year at school, I got my 1st semester result and my Grade point was not up to 1.5 pushing my cumulative grade point to about 3.2 below a second class upper. It took me a lot of positive thinking, positive speaking, to push myself, and finally I graduated with a CGPA of 3.9 making a 5 points in my final year.


With self-belief in the kitty you must resolve to succeed with sheer grit and determination. Some people would tell you that talent would take you to where work will not take you, but I am telling you today that determination and work will take you to anywhere you want to get to.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Calvin Coolidge

What make a task achievable or unachievable is the level of your determination. A determined man can move a mountain.
I had just left Abia state university in 2002 due to cult threat and my parent and guardian did not have the capacity to sponsor my education, but I was determined to succeed and excel in my studies so in 2003 I got admission into the federal university of Technology Owerri to study microbiology. At that moment I had no money to even pay the acceptance fee for my studies, so I decided to take odd job like digging foundation for houses and mixing cement for builder to raise fund to see myself through school.
Sometimes my mates would be in school for more than a month or two before I resume and at that instance all I do is to borrow course mate’s notes and try to read up for exams and tests. Now if you remember earlier I told you that I had the vision to achieve a second class upper at least in my grades. That was only achieved through determination and sheer grit.

Finally I would want you to have this at the back of your mind.

For every vision there must be obstacles but people who belief in themselves and are determined will always reach their goal.


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Really needed this for motivation.

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It is an honour to be the one to bring this information to you at this time


This is the key to greatness.

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Nobody was born to this world with a knowledge or awareness of what they can or cannot do but its our mind that limits us from positive possibilities.

I strongly believe in this, our thoughts/mindset go a long way in shaping who we become in life. Thank you for the inspiration.


You just hit the point

Excellent publication, self-confidence, self-motivation and determination and I would add passion, keys to achieve what you want in life.
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Thanks @teardrops i just spoke from my heart to change sombody's mindset

Nice and excellent


Thanks @dcrealyn


Your welcome

This is wonderful Ijele. You just spurred me on.


Thanks my dear i learn from you daily

I love your post



Very motivational @ijele ! We all must believe in ourselves and have confidence ! thanks for sharing this with us in my #popcontest upped and resteemed , good luck , im rushing here because my internet keeps cutting out at work .😊👍✌💕


Thanks dear for the opportunity

I like to say that right now you are already the best version of your self because everything is within. All you have to do it let it be unleashed. Breathe in and out. The universe unfolds.

Thanks for sharing!


thanks for stopping by i appreciate the gesture

Awesome entry! Good luck with the #popcontest. I have upped and resteemed.


Thanks dear

This is motivating


Thanks bro for stopping by

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