The Decentralized Path

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Never have we as a collective species being down this path before. We have been brought up to think that a centralized authority was and is the best way to forge societies and civilizations throughout the ages.

From the savage dark ages of chiefs and chieftancies, through to the medieval ages of royalty. We as a collective species have come along way in this time and age.

Even in the dawn of modern age, there still remains a strong resemblance of a totalitarianism system of governance of the old ages.

Abuse of power and systematic corruption has rigged this world that we live in. That is the centralized system of governance driven by a minority through a life blood of controlled financial institutions.

Now the tides have turned in favor of a positive future for mankind in the form of an alternative financial system, that is so disruptive and bears the traits of a colony of ants, which is nothing less than resilience.

As nature portrays in all it's beauty, we can see and interact on this rather strange but exciting new system of decentralisation at it's core. There has never being a paradigm shift so massive, it has shaken the foundations of a centralized pillar of command and the lords of the financial institutions come out screaming fraud.

Which all the more signifies the importance of this new system, that for once in our collective consciousness, only seems to shine a path of hope and positivity for a brighter and more harmonious future for all mankind.

Love, share, care and embrace for there isn't anything much more greater than your ultimate freedom from the clutches of capitalism.

Keep on shinning that positive light to make the world a brighter place!

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The idea of decentralization is nothing new. Those of us who have been both historians and futurists for the past thirty years have presented it's usefulness to students, corporations and governments. Progressive corporations were the first to try it. They lowered the barriers between management and workers by establishing open communications in all directions. That provided a platform for "new" ideas to arise from the pool of worker talent. It proved beneficial and all but the most conservative companies adopted it. Governments were much more stubborn and refused to adopt it.

Occupy Wall Street adopted it and it was working well until Michael Moore and others sought to centralize it and bring it under the umbrella of the Democratic Party. Then it was brutally crushed.

When we crossed the threshold of the 21st Century, and additionally when we crossed into the new age of Mayan Flower in 2012, the energies changed. Now with higher vibrational levels the acceptance of the idea of decentralization has been adopted, especially by young people.

As the old world of centralized power is crumbling, and the new age of decentralization if flowering and will revolutionize everything.

So just realize that some of us geezers labored in the trenches of decentralization for thirty years to bring it into realization for the youth of today and tomorrow. You're welcome.


Thanks alot @kanati, for being one of the champions of brining forth this change through your presentations over the years.

When we crossed the threshold of the 21st Century, and additionally when we crossed into the new age of Mayan Flower in 2012, the energies changed. Now with higher vibrational levels the acceptance of the idea of decentralization has been adopted, especially by young people

Yes, exactly. Could'nt have said it better myself.

Resilence will always prevail! We'll just make a decentralized world eventuat faster, the more we talk about it with a positive mindset.✌


very good publication I was delighted, I subscribed to you without thinking twice, you have my support.


your profile phrase reflects something very true and I liked it too
Smile first and the universe will smile back :)

By the way do you know the zeitgeist movement?


Hey @network5, thanks for the kind comments. Yes, I have seen the zeitgeist I & II documentaries and more. ;)


I am glad to know that I see them, I suppose you share that philosophy, the truth is that money is necessary nowadays and I think that the replacement of money is the cryptocurrency, but the cryptocurrency still has flaws. I think the future is just like in the documentaries I do not know when it's going to happen but I would love that that would happen sometime, it would end all poverty and inequality in the world.

Do you share the philosophy of zeitgeist too? Logically now we are making money and it seems contradictory but it is because you can not advance in another way, I think it has to be that progressive.

I saw all the documentaries and I also bought them on dvd I have them because I liked to buy them to help the cause.


Yes, Zeitgeist to me is just another point of view, so I see it as an alternative way forward. But it pretty much depends on how it all pans out. Crypto currency surely is here to stay. Many new innovative startups are coming up, that has so much potential to change everything.

If you go through my posts, especially the earlier ones, you'll probably get a fair idea of my views regarding where I see all this is heading.

Making money, for me, is that, we cannot do much about it, unless you'd prefer to give it all up and live off the land, which some people have.

The key for me is focus on things that excite you, as it's your body's way of telling you, what truly matters for you.

Since we all have a role to play in the general scheme of things, the more you focus on you joys, the more everything else just falls into place.


Cryptocurrencies are the revolution we have been waiting for. It will transform everything and given the decentralization of wealth it will flower in ways that will astound us.

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