Dive in without a sigh

in popcontest •  11 months ago

Life is mysterious.

Who knows what the future holds, give in!


Though sand eats my feet down
You won't see permanent frown

The wind keeps on turning me around
But the queen already has a crown

Rocks delay my plans
I knew I'm still on time for this chance

Mountain blocks my way
You'll see me take another bay

The ocean's so deep I weep
Tears will drip but I'll upkeep

Arrived in the place and dive in
Rise and always be alive

Good future lies
To those who rise

Drive your life and dig
Someday may we all be big

Have patient to thrive
High five! Hope to survive

2012, Philippines

Thank you for reading! ♥

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Ohhh I admire your talent in writing, you are gifted!, keep doing it.

This poem is amazing, I will look forward to more of your poem.


She has the talent right @cryptoman01

This is so good, I can feel the emotion in your poem.


I agree with you @mylichie

Short,deep and powerful. Thumbs up.


Aw, appreciate that @tonysayers. :)
More power!

Very nic post


Awesome poem and great entry @feye ! I some how didnt realize or see your link for this one in the comments ofmy main contest post !? but thats ok I found it now and upvote and resteem for you ! Good luck !!🌈👍🌞😀

You got a 29.85% upvote from @mercurybot courtesy of @feye!