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In this walk of life, we all strive for happiness. Our activities, relationships and goals are geared towards finding happiness. Is it even attainable? Yes to that but you don’t need to have it all before you are happy. If you keep waiting for that dream house, career, education, relationship to come before you become happy, you will wilt while watching life pass you by.

Allow you self to be happy. I use the word allow because happiness is a choice and it doesn’t just happen. You are waiting for the right partner to come along before you feel fulfilled, what then happens when he doesn’t? Do you wallow in misery and self loath or do you decide to be happy with the people you have now; family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and others. Most times we forget to appreciate the people in our life just because we feel that they are not what we need. Just as the bible says “count your blessings and name them one by one”. You might feel there is nothing good in your life but i urge you to pause, take a moment and take stock of all those little things that bring smiles to your face and you'll find out that your happiness is not far-fetched.

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Happiness in little thing makes lasting memories. Think about memorable days in your life and you’ll find yourself smile about the most fundamental and basic things. It could be the first smile of your child, gazing at the sunset, relaxing with family, hanging out with friends, playing in the rain and others. For me, whenever i want to shake off an unpleasant mood, i just think about spending time with my family reminiscing on all the fun we do have whenever we gather. This warms my heart from the inside out.

Remember, happiness comes in small doses and build up to an avalanche. Take happiness where you find it and watch that sadness, burden or pain become a past feeling. So what are the little things that make you happy, think on them and say to youself “i choose to be happy”

Do not set limitations on your happiness because of your circumstances

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Happiness is truly a choice. No matter your circumstances, if you choose to feel happiness, then you will be happy.

you summarised it perfectly. i'm glad you got it

We are all in charge of our own happiness ! and should not let others control us . thanks for sharing your story @charella in my #popcontest ! Upped and resteemed , Good Luck !😀💕✌👍

Wow, thanks for creating the platform. It's a great opportunity for us newbies

Oh your welcome , but i did not create the platform lol , I only created the P.O.P Contest !👍✌💕😀