Smartmarket Smartsteem negative roi adventure

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Sent 56 steem. Getting 50 steem and that makes a loss...

Oh then I was told that I'm not remembering that this is a complex thing... Well it's not that hard to check out.
.ive been using their service pretty exclusively and think that might have to change now I'm finding that this is a negative roi.

Well this could have been managed to a proper positive result.....

But no insults are thrown by the Smartsteem team.

And accusations. Well I wasn't blackmailing I was being honest. I'd rather have skipped this post...

But now? After the disrespect?

Maybe I won't be using this service infavor of one that is truthful. And honest.

It was most likely just a mistake. One that ended up losing a customer.

But who cares about the little guy when you are making money? Isn't it easier to belittle your customer and be abusive?

Yep. Way easier than just correcting the issue and saying thanks.

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Just wait for HF21. Bots will no longer be profitable after that update.

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