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Since the advent of the technology group of mining has been more than four years. During this time, appeared and closed hundreds of pools for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, have invented a new system of distribution of awards, improved communication protocols and a switching fork. I had a situation where one pool or entity approaching the limit of 50% of the total network hash rate yet, and even overcome it.

Today, the situation looks more stable, and none of the major players in the mining market has a decisive advantage. Below is the list of the largest pools of Bitcoin.

Chinese four

In the production of the most popular cryptocurrencies the toughest competition, in which undeniable superiority long held Chinese pools. By a wide margin the rating is headed by the five largest "mines", and four of them are located in China:

F2Pool (Discus fish)

F2Pool, also known as Discus Fish (aquarium fish discus, 七彩神仙魚). On average holds about 20% of the network hash rate yet. Founded on 5 may 2013. The only of the leaders, whose main payment system selected PPS with the Commission of 4%. For users behind fairvalue included in the Stratum mining Protocol for the most widespread TCP ports 80 and 25. Standard connection port is 3333.

On this pool you can mine Litecoin and is valid merged mining some altcoins.

Another feature of F2Pool that he strongly recommends to withdraw funds as quickly as possible. Coins, stay on the balance for more than 90 days, are considered "donations" in favor of the pool and can be charged without any further warning.

AntPool Intpol

For the first place with varying degrees of success fighting AntPool. Now he  has an average of 18% of the mining capacity. The pool belongs to Bitmaintech, the largest Chinese manufacturer of equipment for mining. It runs a service of cloud mining Hashnest and tested products of the company. The basic method of calculating rewards – PPLNS without fee, also has PPS from 2.5%.

At Antpool and have the original service is solo-mining for fans to play on luck and P2Pool node – for those who want to support the decentralization of the network.

Has the interface in Russian, but it leaves much to be desired. To connect to the pool can be on the standard port: stratum.antpool.com:3333 or well-known ports 443 or 25.

BTC China


BTCChina pool with 10-12% of the network is in fourth place in the overall ranking and third in China. This Bitcoin pool was founded by a Chinese stock exchange, one of the largest in the world. Thus it extends its services and conducting its own transactions, instead of relying on third-party services. The pool is open only for customers of the exchange, also has considerable private capacity. Unfortunately, its interface is very poorly translated even in English, not to mention other languages. Therefore, the information on it is extremely limited.

BW pool

Closes the four BW.com 7-9% of the capacity. There is a partial translation into Russian language, it is much more clumsy than Antpool. Basic scoring system – PPLNS without fee.

Line to connect at the standard port, stratum+tcp://stratum.bw.com:3333.

In the end, the four largest Chinese pool "hold" 55-60% can see networks, which can not but cause concern in the community.

Other interesting pools

Further "ranking" of the pools is useless, as none of them, as a rule, does not exceed 5% of the network capacity. The influence of the luck factor and the migration of users to constantly shuffle position. But these pools are less well known and reliable, and the convenience and we offer a set of services does not yield to the leaders.



Bitcoin.cz aka Slush - Czech pool, the first on the market – it operates since December 2010! Because Slush did not try to make the project commercially viable, over the years, its share has significantly decreased. But Poole has never failed users and maintains an excellent reputation. Now its share is about 5%.This pool uses its own system of remuneration - Scoring Hash Rate, which has the properties of Proportional and PPLNS. The Commission for the miners for a very long time remains unchanged at 2%.


eligius controls 3-5% of the capacity. The pool is named after the Catholic Saint eligius, responsible for minting coins. The only major pool that does not require any user authentication and account creation – the username to connect to "work" uses the Bitcoin address to which payments are sent. Monitoring is also available at.To calculate the payout to the miners used the CPPSRB system is a modification of PPS that eliminates risks for the operator of the pool, so no Commission. Are also available joint mining NMC for which additional configuration is required. A few older article about this pool.Line to connect stratum+tcp://stratum.mining.eligius.st:3334


Ghash.io – just a year ago the undisputed leader of the Bitcoin mining repeatedly took the bar in 50% of the network hash rate yet, today only reaches 2-3%. Belongs to the CEX.io. Earlier this pool worked the eponymous cloud mining stopped in the beginning of the year. Almost all of our own equipment consisted of miners from Bitfury, now obsolete. This giant crippled as stopping the cloud and the creation of Bitfury private pool - now the new equipment out there.

However, the pool continues. There is merged mining NMC and multipul, offering a large selection of digital currencies on the Scrypt algorithm. The basic system of calculating rewards – PPLNS without fee.


All other pools are usually produced in a day for no more than 1-2 blocks. They include the following Bitminter – old stable pool with good reputation, works with 2011. Mainly held at the old miners, and many use it as a backup. It is used to authenticate users via OpenID. The basic scoring system is PPLNS with 1% fee. There are joint mining Namecoin. Used the default port 3333 Stratum and 443 and 5050.

The audience don't work

Several large pools with a total capacity of about 25% of the total Bitcoin network hash rate yet inaccessible to ordinary miners. They only work for a narrow range of investors.


The first, and third in the overall ranking, is Bitfury is the only pool in the top five, not in China. He holds 15-17% of the network only through its own facilities for miners "by" the connection is closed. Poole owns a large hardware manufacturer – company Bitfury, which mainly produces for its own data centers located in Iceland and Georgia. In addition, Bitfury is one of the leaders on the amount of received during the year investment exceeding $ 60 million. All of these funds are allocated for new developments, as well as construction and support of data centers.

KnC pool

kncminer pool owns the Swedish manufacturer of the ASIC. The majority of its capacity located in Europe. The pool provides own equipment of the company and its service cloud of mining. Public access to the pool there. The average hash rate of about 5% of the network.

21 Inc

Another mysterious pool belongs to the company 21 Inc., which, according to rumors, was funded by major us venture capital funds located in Silicon valley, with all the consequences. Now it to the pool owns about 4% of the network. The company and the public pool not only work on their investors.



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