Surprise Pool Party

in pool •  5 months ago


I like it when we have the pool mostly to our selves. Maybe another family or to so the kids have someone to play with. Today the pool was very crowded. The campground was throwing a pool party with games and free food. I'm not complaining because I like free food. And I guess I should be thankful. Without the large group of "weekend warriors" that come in for a relaxing weekend camping, it would be much more expensive for me. My membership gives me unlimited camping within the system and I use over 200 nights a year. These weekend warriors pay as much as I do but only use it maybe a few weekends and a couple of weeks every year.

I am thankful, both for the free food I got at the pool party and for all the weekend warriors that make this lifestyle possible.

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I doubt that you read any of that and I really can't agree with you self-voting about once a minute with 100% strength and voting on the post with only 1%. I'm tempted to flag you for this behavior!