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Pondicherry is also known as budget friendly Goa :). it is one of the union territory and one of the best places to visit in India those who love beaches to the core :)
I don't advise to visit this place in summer especially foreigners . you will feel a bit high temperatures.

  1. Pondicherry beach:
    It is one of the best beaches in south India and a very pocket friendly resorts and hotels. and you will find tree houses here. the seashore is also known for organizing many things like trekking beach volley ball and other things.
  2. Rock beach :
    rock beach is full of rocks and beautiful place to see the sea :) and enjoy its breeze. it is open for 24 hours and its entry is free.

    those who like to know more about Indian spirituality and all must visit this place. it is such a peaceful place. this city covered in almost 7 square kilometers approx. there will be a globe exactly at the centre of the town.
  3. The Pondicherry museum :
    one should visit this museum . you will understand the architecture and culture in the past. there are collections of rare bronze and stone sculptures. this museum also contain some art works of dravidian culture. if you love to know about history Pondicherry museum should be one of your top priority to visit this place.
  4. serenity beach:
    Its panoramic view is just awesome . its blue waters and golden sand just attract the tourists in its own style. it remains open for 24 hours.
    it is just 7 kilometers away from the bus stop.
  5. Old light house:
    the old light house one of the important historical places to visit in Pondicherry.
    it was built in 19th century by French rulers.
    those who love history and old monuments to capture on camera it is a must place to visit.

    7.Pardaise beach:
    the name it self indicates how heavenly it is :). it is known for its beautiful backwaters and glittering sand. it is perfect beach for the nature lovers.
  6. there are few temples to visit in Pondicherry .
  7. varadaraja perumal temple .
  8. ISKCON pondicherry.

    3.kanniga parameshwari temple.
    note - photos belongs to respective owners. have a great trip in pondicherry . please upvote comment and resteem if you feel I produce quality content .
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lovable beach, like to visit once

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