The Fortune Sometimes Without Us Realizing | Rejeki Terkadang Tanpa Kita Sadari (Bilingual)

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Hello Steemian

Though we don't realize how important the giving, exactly with giving we will get more than what we have. Giving is beautiful, Because by giving we can make people around us smile. By sharing we can alleviate the burdens of those in distress. Initial we need to ask ourselves, whether we are people who want to give with others? All the answers are in each of us, everything will be answered if we want to realize it.

Padahal kita tidak menyadari betapa pentingnya berbagi, justru dengan berbagi kita Akan mendapatkan lebih dari apa yang kita miliki. Berbagi itu indah, Karena dengan berbagi kita bisa membuat orang sekitar kita tersenyum. Dengan berbagi kita dapatkan meringankan beban-beban mereka yang sedang dilanda kesusahan. Initial perlu kita tanyakan kepada diri kita, apakah kita adalah orang yang mau berbagi dengan orang lain?


Look what will happen to us, is there something that is lacking? I think we will not lose, on the contrary we will get something more than what we have before. That's how in this Steemit media, Here we have to learn to share with others. we must support our fellow Steemians, because sharing we can support the spirit of other Steemians.



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Pu nyan bang mimi


Hadiah door prize dari acara festival


Ooo, bereh that nyan.